Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The House.
By: Maccol 

I am a house that has been violated                                                                          You use me as a punching bag. Why?                                                                    You leave your trade marks around me.                                                                You break my heart , by not letting the lightness into me.                                      Instead of treating me like garbage                                                                          Wrap your soul around me that will let the brightness shine through me.            I remember all though memories they left behind missing the time you have been bringing happiness and enjoyment.                                                                By healing me I need your laughter and love.                                                        Welcoming people will patch my heart but letting in darkness will pull me apart.                                                                                                                         The brightness that you wont let me see                                                                   The brightness that you wont let me feel.                                                                 The brightness that you wont let in.                                                                         That brightness that you have killed.                                                                      All these joyful times we had to give up                                                                   Letting me in the lightness was a big thumbs up      Image result for broken house

Standing in front of the prestige building of history
A point of grace and beauty.
A gap so wide, will it get narrower
Carvings that represent ancestors of the tribe
Between the living and those who passed away
a spiritual place full of hope and love.
A building full of spiritual experiences hidden away waiting to be found.
Uniqueness carvings that tell a story of bravery and kindness.
 Beautiful colourful eyes staring so warmly
Ancestors calling out ,come into my world
Of history, beauty, serenity and knowledge.
The knowledge of all who lived before, spread out like a mat
inviting , it all in.
Voices making the building coming alive
The singing dessert creaming the beauty of knowledge shared.
Sacredness engulfed with laughter as the inside becomes more alive.
The cries of the ancestors enriching one's mind
This is what this prestige building of history is all about.

By:Xhosa walker

Monday, April 10, 2017


Otara kicking back on the southside
A place of love and respect and were full of pride, Different cultures different people but when were altogether it’s a different kind of level.
Here we go again another year ahead in the house yeah we’re all surrounded by families and friends you gotta be proud of the city that we live in.

I walk to school to get my education I got my books and pens now let the learning
The classrooms are great but teachers are better,
They teach,encourage in any kind of weather I hope you understand where i’m coming from it’s not another rap it’s my love song.